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Buddha Statue

Buddha statue was brought in to the temple on December 5th 1997 The design was adapted from PHRABUDDHACHINARAJ of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Vihan in Phitsanulok province of Thailand, which is one of the sacred devotion to the worship of the people in the province and the country.


The Buddha that resides at Wat Buddharangsi is a copy of the Phitsanulok Buddha in Thailand. Ajarn Surachette decided on this image for Wat Buddharangsi because he believes it to the most beautiful image of its kind. The image was cast in the city of Bangkok by master artist Bunpoth Kleubgaow. Sombat Dulnagith who also provided much financial support oversaw the project in Thailand.
The transportation of the Buddha from Thailand to Miami presented special problems not the least of which involved the size and weight of the image but also in obtaining the various permits and customs duties required. The shipping and packaging in Thailand was sponsored by Prasit Enterprises & Freight. The fiancing of the trip was provided by Verapong Halelamien, owner of N&N Orchids.

When the Buddha project began the Ajarn was asked how large he wanted it to be. Pondering this aspect he decide that the dimension of the statue must be, from knee to knee,80 inches in accord with the age at death of Lord Buddha. Beginning with that measurement the proper proportions were derived by Master Bunpoth Kleubgaow.
The next problem to be faced was the naming of the Buddha, for all Buddha's must be named just as a person might. The selection of the proper name is very important. The Ajarn consulted with astrologers, the proposed name would be changed several times.The final decision was left to the Abbot of the Marble Temple in Bangkok. After the original Buddha in the city of Phitsanulok, the name chosen was "PHRABUDDHADHAMMACHINARAJ"
The Buddha is primarily bronze, but as is prescribed by tradition, contains not only copper and brass but gold and silver as well. From the base to the top of the crown (or "halo").

Budhha Statue Facts:

• it is over 23 feet in height.
• it is 80 inches from knee to knee.
• 12 feet 9 inches across at the basis.
• 9 feet 9 inches front to back.

The image weighs in at approximately 5 tons. The cost of the Buddha is difficult to estimate considering the cost of shipping and so forth, it is estimated to have cost in excess of 60,000 dollars. The Buddha arrived at the Wat on December 5, 1997 and was dedicated on January 11,1998.

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