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2019 Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony

This year Wat Buddharangsi of Miami has the honor of receiving the Kathina Robes and necessary from Mr. Yongyuth Knattongkom, family and friends will represent to bring the Kathina Robes to make offering to monks at Wat Buddharangsi of Miami, Florida, USA on Sunday, October 20, 2019. The schedule is as follows:

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019

Time: 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: Wat Buddharangsi of Miami

Cost: Free


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Time 09:30 AM The committee, sponsors and the public assemble in the religious hall.
Time 10:00 AM The chairperson lights candles and incense to pay homage to the Triple Gems. Monks and the public perform morning chant. Monks receive alms offering from the public.
Time 11:00 AM The public offers lunch to monks, then the public has lunch.
Time 01:00 PM Kathina Ceremony- procession around religious hall 3 times
Time 01:30 PM The chairperson representative brings the Kathina Robes into the religious hall
Time 02:00 PM Dhamma teaching by the Monk
Time 02:30 PM Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony, then Community Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony, public donation offerings to monks. Monks give blessing.
Time 05:00 PM Monks perform ceremony for the receiving of the Kathina Robes, monks and the public perform evening chant, monks give blessing. End of program.

You are cordially invited to make merit for yourself by participating in the Kathina Offering Ceremony. This is such a great honor for our temple to be receiving the Kathina Robes from Mr. Yongyuth Knattongkom family and friends will represent in offering the Kathina Ropes to the monks of the temple

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