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2020 Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony

This year Wat Buddharangsi of Miami has the honor of receiving the Kathina Robes and necessary from Sue Porter James Windham family and friends will represent to bring the Kathina Robes to make offering to monks at Wat Buddharangsi of Miami, Florida, USA on Sunday, October 11, 2020. The schedule is as follows:

Date: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Time: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: Wat Buddharangsi of Miami, Florida, USA

Cost: Free


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Time 09:00 AM The committee, sponsors and the public assemble in the religious hall.
Time 10:00 AM The chairperson lights candles and incense to pay homage to the Triple Gems. Monks and the public perform morning chant. Monks receive alms offering from the public.
Time 11:00 AM The public offers lunch to monks, then the public has lunch.
Time 01:00 PM Kathina Ceremony- procession around religious hall 3 times
Time 01:30 PM The chairperson representative brings the Kathina Robes into the religious hall
Time 02:00 PM Dhamma teaching by the Monk
Time 02:30 PM Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony, then Community Kathina Robes Offering Ceremony, public donation offerings to monks. Monks give blessing.
Time 05:00 PM Monks perform ceremony for the receiving of the Kathina Robes, monks and the public perform evening chant, monks give blessing.
End of program.

The 2020 Katina day will take place on Sunday October 11. However, with the current situation on COVID 19 epidemic, board member of Wat Buddharangsi needs to address the resolution and the safety measure for all members participate in this event. For the safety and prevent the spreading of the decease, the board member is issuing the guideline as follow;
1. There will be no any vendors in this event.
2. There will be no any entertainment.
3. Only non-perishable foods, flowers, candle, incense and money should be used for offering to the monks.
4. There will be no lunch offering for the monks. The lunch offering will be provided by the chairman of the event.
5. For every one safety, please do not bring any fresh food for sharing to the event. There will be food service provide to all members from the committee and event staffs.
6. The event committee will provide food package for you to do merit of offering to the monks.
7. There will be social distance in the main temple building during the event ceremony the seating will be limited and will be 6 feet apart.
8. Before entering the temple premises, there will be body temperature check. Everyone must wear a mask and practice social distance according to Dade County/CDC guideline.
9. For your safety, only water bottle will be provided in the event.
10. There will be a police officer on site to assure our safety and enforce the guideline.
For your opportunity to do the merit, you can donate the money to the temple in the provided envelope. Please write down your full name and address or you can donate through our web site at www.thaitemplemiami.com (accept paypal)

You are cordially invited to make merit for yourself by participating in the Kathina Offering Ceremony. This is such a great honor for our temple to be receiving the Kathina Robes from Sue Porter James Windham family and friends will represent in offering the Kathina Ropes to the monks of Wat Buddharangsi of Miami. Please come to attend this special event. Please bring food and desserts to offer to the monks, listen to Dhamma teaching and together we will pray to wish everybody good health, happiness and to live a long life.


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