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Visitor Info

At Wat Buddharangsri, we welcomes individuals who are interested in Buddhism. You can contact the monks at the temple for the service during the temple hour. We have many activities such as the Buddhism Holy Days. Meditation learning and others. For group visit, please contact us for appointment.

Guidelines for visiting the temple

• Our temple is open everyday from 7am. to 5 pm. You can visit and talk with our monks during the hours.
• Dress appropriately and conservatively for the place. Shorts, Bermuda shorts, miniskirts, bare midriffs and tank tops are NOT considered proper attire.
• To enter the building, please take off your shoes and leave them on the shoe rack.
• No narcotics, No substance abuse is allowed on premises.
• No loud noise, No playing, and joking in the place.
• Do not touch anything in this building except printed hand out information.
• Lighting of incense sticks and candles is allowed at outside altar only.
• You can offer alms ( including foods, fruits, drinks, money, daily necessity etc.) to our local monks. If you would like to offer foods to our monks, please come not later than 10:30 a.m.
• For people who are interested in mediation, we are offering a meditation teaching in Spanish on every Saturday from 3 pm. to 5 pm. and in English on every Sunday from 3 pm. to 5 p.m. No appointment needed.
• For a group visit such as school, university project, or other organization, please make appointment with the temple before the arrival for the best time and service.

Do's and Don'ts

• The monks are prohibited from any physical contact with females, but can have conversation. They are not allowed in close proximity to them and may not receive any item directly from them by hand.
• A handshake between male visitors and the monks is permissible but is not a common custom.
• Upon entering any structures on the temple ground, shoes should be removed and left outside structure.
• Inside the temple you may notice that there are empty platforms to the side of the Buddha, these are where the monks are seated during prayers and other services. They are not for use by the public.
• In front of the Buddha is an area delineated by an area rug, this is the place where the monks are seated during public audiences.
• Prepared food donations for the monks are accepted during the morning hours before noon so please come not later than10:30 am. Non perishable food, gifts and monetary donations may be accepted throughout the day.
• There's no food or drink available on the temple grounds nor allowed in the temple itself.
• The temple is a place of worship and should be treated as such. Children should be kept under control.
• There is no camping or overnight accommodations on the temple grounds.
• The temple perimeter is private property and trespassing laws will be enforced.

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